Mama DeZiyah performs Model Behavior from Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Sung by Laura Benanti.

More recent photos of Mama DeZiyah

Some recent photos of Mama DeZiyah

My friend pretends to be The Swedish Chef

"People like Sheba think that they know what it’s like to be lonely. They cast their minds back to the time they broke up with a boyfriend in 1975 and endured a whole month before meeting someone new. Or the week they spent in a Bavarian steel town when they were fifteen years old, visiting their greasy-haired German pen-pal and discovering that her hand-writing was the best thing about her. But about the drip drip of long-haul, no-end-in-sight solitude, they know nothing. They don’t know what it is to construct an entire weekend around a visit to the launderette. Or to sit in a darkened flat on Halloween night, because you can’t bear to expose your bleak evening to a crowd of jeering trick-or-treaters. Or to have the librarian smile pityingly and say, “Goodness, you’re a quick reader!” when you bring back seven books, read from cover to cover, a week after taking them out. They don’t know what it is to be so chronically untouched that the accidental brush of a bus conductor’s hand on your shoulder sends a jolt of longing straight to your groin. I have sat on park benches and tubes and schoolroom chairs, feeling the great store of unused, objectless love sitting in my belly like a stone until I was sure I would cry out and fall, flailing, to the ground. About all of this, Sheba and her like have no clue."
Zoë Heller, Notes on a Scandal

Ten more photos from 100 Days of Photoshopping Mike Onto Things by my friend James.

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My friend has started a thing on Facebook which is “100 Days of Photoshopping Mike Onto Things.”
I’ve (sorta)  had my dream of being a meme come true!

Here are ten of my favourites so far

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Sorry for all the cat spam

My baby girl Alice died on Sunday so I just wanted to transfer photos from my phone.


Ok but, your body isn’t a temple, it’s not for the masses, it’s your home. Its where the heart is, it’s there to shelter all that is you, its where you pray, its where you dream. So go ahead, you can decorate, rebuild, invite who you want, and shut the door on those you don’t. And if someone disrespects your home, I suggest cutting their hands off. But whatever,
Your house, your rules.


this is my favorite tweet of 2014


this is my favorite tweet of 2014